The flush toilet – a metaphor for the civilisation we are living in.

Paul Kingsnorth

Paul Kingsnorth is a Booker prize-nominated writer, co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project and a ‘recovering environmentalist’.

In a very interesting and detailed documentary about his life and work, that takes a long-form look at his ideas about collapse, spiritual ecology and emptying compost toilets, he made the following comment:

The flush toilet is a good metaphor for the civilisation we are living in.

You crap into a pipe, you flush it away, and you never see it.

You never have to deal with your own shit.

And then you end up deep in it.

Paul Kingsnorth

Following from the above, Paul goes on to say:

“The notion that you just press a button, and all of your waste disappears, and somebody else deals with it somewhere, and it’s probably all going to be OK… We live our lives like that.”

You can watch the full interview here, but don’t watch if you think that technology can solve all of our environmental problems…

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