Separett Toilet Installation Services

We’ve been involved with the service and installation of Separett waterless toilets since 2012, so you can count on us for your needs.

If you need on-site installation for Separett waterless toilets, we can come to you! With experience going back to 2012 we’re the most experienced Separett installers in the UK.

Standard installations cover wooden skinned buildings (single or double wall). At the moment, we can’t drill holes through brick, concrete or block work due to needing specialist drilling equipment, however, we can work with your builder to ensure they can do the drilling and we can complete the installation.

We’re based in the Midlands/Worcestershire/Herefordshire borders so can easily cover the Midlands, including Wales. We’re happy to travel anywhere in the UK, but extra travel time and costs will need to be factored in.


Separett Villa in an Oxford Garden Room

The owners of this beautiful garden room on the outskirts of Oxford were using it as an art studio and wanted toilet facilities within it. The nearby house had a poor connection to an existing, overloaded sewage system, so they decided on a Separett Villa. The company who made the garden room had already dug a soak-away pit for the sink to drain into, so we used a spare entry gland to feed the urine from the Villa into the same one. The owners were very particular about not wanting any vent or drain pipes showing on the side that faced the house, hence the slightly different vent pipe run of going up and right.

Separett Villa in a simple wooden building

We’ve installed several Separett Villa waterless toilets in simple wooden cabins. Being single skinned (ie just the outer wooden wall) makes the installation straightforward. In some cases, we’re also asked to install the solar panel and battery system to power the fan.

We can also installed a simple waterless urinal too – this makes it easier for males to go to the toilet, without having to sit down!

So, can we help you?

Why not get in touch with us about your requirements and we can have a chat and take it from there. Drop us a line today through our contact page.