Garden room in Oxford

Separett Villa compost toilet installed in Oxford garden room

A few years ago, I was asked if I could install a Separett Villa compost toilet in a gorgeous garden room just outside of Oxford, UK.

An initial site visit revealed that the owner had already asked the garden room manufacturer create the ‘cubicle’ within the structure and had a 13-amp power point installed, ready for the fan in the toilet. In addition, the garden room had a small sink which was connected to a soakaway that urine from the toilet could run into.

The main house was a hundred yards away, but due to the age and capacity of the sewerage connection, it simply wasn’t possible to add another flushing toilet. The garden room was going to be a retreat and art room for the owners to enjoy, whilst having a toilet meant that they didn’t have to get back to the main house if they needed the loo.

Garden room in Oxford

Due to the ‘high-end’ nature of the garden room, the customer wanted the urine pipework to be rigid pipes (which would eventually be painted to disguise them) and the vent outlet needed to be high up, coming out through the centre of one of the wall boards.

The ventilation requirement necessitated an extra length of the vent pipe inside the toilet cubicle, so the pipe could go up and then turn to go through the wall.

Separett Villa installation usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours, however this took around 3.5 hours due to the more complex vent and urine pipe paths.

Click on the photos below in the gallery to zoom in and take a closer look.

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