Eco-Loo compost toilets:
the story…

In 2012, I started a business selling Separett waterless toilets and urine diverters. In 2013, after several requests, I began making wooden compost toilet bases that you could fit a Separett Privy urine separator onto. These were initially branded GudLoo, and later changed to Eco-Loo.

I stopped making compost toilets in 2018, and for a brief time, I lent the brand name to another company. Until that point, all products were completely handmade, starting with a simple but sturdy wooden frame, matchboard cladding fixed over the top and a birch plywood top. This created a distinctive appearance which was enhanced with the optional Farrow & Ball paint colours.

Early prototype of an Eco-Loo Micro Capture. The whole carcass was built around the smallest containers we could source (which still giving useful capacity). In this case, the solids were around 14 litres and the liquid about 5 litres.

During this time, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience of compost toilet construction, use and the composting process, particularly in respect to urine-diverting or urine-separating toilets. This website is a personal effort to help others choose the right compost toilet solution for them and understand the whole process from when you sit down to putting some wonderful compost on your garden.

Compost, composting, dry or waterless toilets might not be for everyone – there are some compromises and through the Bog Blog, I’ll explore some of these in more detail. Some types and styles will be more suited to some people or situations than others – knowing the pros and cons will help you choose wisely.

And don’t forget, that crapping into a porcelain bowl and flushing with 8 litres or so of clean drinking water is also a compromise – it’s just that you pass the responsibility onto someone else. Some people don’t want to do that. Some people have no choice. I’m one of those people who thinks waterless toilets are better – are you?

All views on the website are my own and do not reflect any company or business that I am associated with or have been associated with in any way. Nothing should be taken as legal or literal advice – it’s up to you to check the legality and efficacy of anything you undertake – I just hope I can help in some way by spreading the word!

I’ve collected some photographs of the various compost toilets that I made or helped produce over the years in the hope they might inspire you!