Eco-Loo compost toilet in a strawbale roundhouse

Eco-Loo compost toilet in a strawbale roundhouse

We delivered an Eco-Loo Cottage to Janta and Merav, who have created a place called Karuna in Shropshire. Although they’ve been resident on the site since 2007, in the last couple of years, they obtained planning permission to build a strawbale, green roof roundhouse.

Compost toilet at Karuna
Merav was incredibly excited to have a toilet in the new house!

Since moving onto the 16 acre site, they have planted over 9,000 trees and are demonstrating and living the future through forest gardening, permaculture and sustainable practices.

Until now, they’ve been using a simple but effective ‘long drop’ style compost toilet, but being outside, means getting to it, especially when it’s dark, wet and cold, can be a struggle. Janta says he’ll still use his outside loo with a view, but Merav will benefit greatly from having an indoor toilet!

Merav chose the ‘untreated’ Eco-Loo Cottage with solid oak toilet seat. Once fully installed, they’ll be applying a few coats of Tung oil to protect and enhance the wood.

You can find out more about Karuna ‘Insight Design’ at

For more details of the Eco-Loo range of hand-made waterless compost toilets, visit the Eco-Loo page…

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